ARCex Course

Welcome to ARCex

An Independent Professional Examination at ARB Part 3

Welcome to ARCex. The only privately funded Part 3 course in Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales. It is run by Lawrence Johnston and Neil Mathews. ARCex is an ARB prescribed Part 3 Course in Architecture. The seventh of the seven years, and the gateway to the Profession of Architecture. At ARCex we are an academic institution dedicated solely to the delivery of Part 3. It’s here that we differ from other universities in that we have nothing else to divert our attention, except for Part 3.

ARCex maintains consistently well above the expected national pass rate. We benefit our candidates with a course structure which makes the most out of the experience the individual is getting, and putting that to good use in preparing for examination. As a result, intake has increased by 25% year-on-year. The course is run in Belfast on a fortnightly basis and will launch in London in Easter 2018, where it will run over two intensive consecutive weeks.