Course Structure

ARCex runs over a series of 10 lecture days, which take place at our headquarters building in Belfast. We arrange these days on a Friday every fortnight.

Each day consists of a full day of lectures. We encourage candidates to question and discuss each topic with the individual lectures so that they get more out of the course.

The Exam

Two 3 hour exams which will explore the candidates general knowledge of the profession and test precise knowledge of some of the fundamental duties of an architect.

The Personal Development Plan

Candidates are requested to reflect on their experience gained in practice since completing their Part 2. The assessors will be looking for ability to have a strategic overview of one’s career and which direction one chooses to pursue.

The Oral Examination

ARCex also includes an oral exam and all the other components of the course are undertaken in preparation for this element.

The assessors will know their candidate quite well from the submissions prior to the interview.

The oral examination is when the candidates and the assessors have the chance to explore strengths and weaknesses in the written submissions and to meet real first-hand about the process that’s been embarked on culminating in admission to the profession.

The Case Study

Candidates are required to complete a case study which demonstrates their ability to rationally assimilate all of the information that pieces together a built project that they are working on.

The PEDR Sheets

Candidates must complete their PEDR sheets, which are validated for 24 months. For half of this time (approximately 12 months), work must have been delivered after the student’s Part 2 has been completed, usually in a UK-based architect’s office.

Entry Requirements

Potential candidates must have RIBA parts 1 and 2 prior to admission to the ARCex programme.

At the time of examination, each candidate MUST have completed a minimum of 24 months validated experience recorded in the PEDR system. A minimum of 12 of these months experience must be spent in a UK based practice under the direct supervision of a fully qualified ARB registered architect.

Candidates must have fluent spoken and written English.

Registering as a Qualified Architect

Once a candidate has successfully completed the course, you are entitled to contact ARB and register as a fully qualified Architect. With your ARB registration number, you are able to register directly with RIBA in the same way as any other RIBA Part 3 course entitles you to.